How to train your dog to sit

If you are planning to teach your dog some obedience commands then one of the easiest commands to teach your dogs is how to sit. There are several different ways you can train your dog to sit. Here’s a sampling.

Dog Training - Sit

Positive Reinforcement

To teach your dog to sit using positive reinforcement your dog doesn’t have to wear a collar. You don’t even have to set aside any special time for training. You do need to keep some treats with you at all times, however.

1.Watch for your dog to sit on his own.

2.When you see your dog sit on his own you should immediately give your dog a treat and praise him. Tell him he’s a good dog! Your dog won’t know why you’re giving him a treat or praising him but you should keep doing this each time you see your dog in the act of sitting.

3.If you continue to give your dog a treat and praise him as soon as he sits, he will start to figure out that good things happen when he sits.

4.When your dog makes the connection between sitting and the positive reinforcement you can start to ask him to sit. Make sure you continue to praise your dog and reward him. You are now naming what he’s doing “Sit” and he’s understanding what you are asking him to do.

5.Your dog will probably start sitting for you all the time, trying to get more treats and praise. This is fine at first, but you will need to taper off the treats. Make your dog work harder for the treats and praise. You can start to add additional commands to your dog’s training at this point and teach him to do other things.

Luring Your Dog Into A Sitting Position

Some dogs learn to sit by luring them into a sitting position. Again, your dog won’t need to wear a collar. This is something that you can teach your dog when you are sitting together and relaxing. Have some treats with you.

1.With your dog in a standing position you can take a treat and hold it above your dog’s nose.

2.Slowly move the treat up and behind your dog’s head.

3.Your dog will usually raise his head to follow the treat. As he raises his head, his body will usually lower to the ground.

4.If you raise the treat up and back far enough, the dog will probably assume a sitting position. When your dog sits, you should give him the treat and praise him for sitting.

5.Your dog doesn’t know what he’s done so you will need to repeat this exercise multiple times for your dog to understand what sitting means and why you are praising him and giving him the treat.

Traditional Dog Training

Traditional dog training takes a more formal approach to teaching a dog to sit. You can have your dog wear a slip chain collar during this exercise (or not). You should give your dog a treat when your dog sits.

1.With your dog standing beside you, push gently but firmly on your dog’s hips until your dog sits. Give the “Sit” command as you do this.

2.When your dog is in the sitting position you should release the pressure on your dog’s hips.

3.Your dog won’t understand what “Sit” means at first so you will need to practice this exercise until your dog understands.

4.If your dog rises out of the sitting position, gently put him back in the sit.

5.Give your dog a treat as a reward when he sits. You should also praise your dog.

You should be very careful when doing this exercise with young dogs and puppies so you don’t put too much stress on their hips.

These are a few of the ways to teach your dog to sit. Most dogs can learn to sit in just a few lessons. It is harder for some dogs to learn, however, if they have a long back or very long legs. It’s not always easy for every breed to sit in the same way. For example, it’s not usually very comfortable for Greyhounds to sit like other dogs. Make sure you’re not expecting your dog to do something that is uncomfortable for him.

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