Basic Dog Training Tips For New Puppy Owners

Basic Dog Training Tips

“Cute and Cuddly” Is Not Enough – Turn Your Puppy into a Real Member of Your FamilyDogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, but the domestic environment has changed dramatically. Training you new puppy is more than throwing sticks and making him retrieve them; it is something that requires patience and rewards you in the end, when your dog can accomplish simple tasks without chewing all the furniture in the way.Many people surf the internet to search for a funny puppy short clip just for that extra laughter that will get them through the day. Don’t even think that only a small number of dogs can manage to do tricks and make you laugh: it’s just that only a small percentage get caught on tape and uploaded online.If you read carefully and follow the simple tips … [Read more...]

Crate Training Puppies The Correct Way

Crate Training Puppies

Tips on Successfully Crate Training Puppies However important crate training, puppies usually need to be at least three or four months old when you start, both for their sake and yours. Young puppies are usually more sensitive and cannot stand to be left alone in closed environments for too long. Also, they have low bladder and sphincter control. Here are a few tips that will make crate training for puppies between three months and one year old simple and fast. Crate Training Tips for Puppies Between Three Months and One Year: • The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that, when it comes to crate training, puppies are like children: you need to convince them that the crate is a nice and safe place.• No one can expect to be successful in crate training puppies overnight, … [Read more...]

House Training Your Puppy

House Training Your Puppy

Puppy training is a rite of passage for any dog owner. Get a new puppy and people come out of nowhere with tips on how to train him You’ll hear wonderful stories about how someone’s dog never had an accident – yeah right! And you will hear horror stories about months and months of mess.The truth is that for successful training, it is important to learn about house training before you bring your puppy home. Why? Because there are key ingredients to successful training, there are approaches that work and approaches that do not, and a structured and strategic approach should be taken if you want to accomplish successful house training.Think of it this way; will you go on a road trip to a specific destination without a map or a plan on how to get there? Probably not. If you did, you … [Read more...]

Toilet Training Puppies – Because Dogs Need to Learn Good Manners Too


When you bring a new puppy home, properly housebreaking it is one of the first things that should be on your mind. I’m sure that I don't need to tell you that having a puppy defecate all over your new pair of shoes is undesirable. The following article will try to highlight mistakes you could potentially make while toilet training puppies and give you a fair amount of tips so that you're well equipped and can start training your new family member effectively.Why is Toilet Training Important?All puppies should learn some discipline, and toilet training can be complex and challenging both for them and their owners; It is healthier, both for the puppies and their owner. Just think of what happens with dogs that are not trained in this regards. Besides the precarious hygiene, could you … [Read more...]

Dog Training the right way

Dog Training

You can likely get started training your puppy as early as eight weeks old.   They will likely not respond at once, but you shall be growing a corner stone for your pet’s training at an early age. Carry on working with it for short intervals regularly and instill positive reinforcement as you train.It’s critical to recognize that the extent of dog training, housebreaking and instruction required will largely depend on your dog. Some breeds are extremely smart and would likely learn readily according to your puppy training approaches. If your pet will not respond as promptly as you think it should, merely spend added time working with him/her and you’ll have a fully-trained puppy in no time.Notice your puppy in a number of different situations and you’re sure to promptly realize … [Read more...]

Training Your Bulldog Puppy

Training Your Bulldog Puppy

Over the years, the Bulldog has come to be known as the oldest and most purebred dog breed. This is especially true among today's society. The Bulldog is the symbol that signifies England since 1500. They are courageous, indomitable, enduring and quite literally bullheaded. Training a bulldog puppy is therefore no mean feat. It can prove to be an uphill task if your puppy is adventurous and stubborn. How To Select Your Bulldog Puppy When selecting your bulldog puppy, put into consideration the amount of time and effort you will need to invest. They are constantly at risk of suffering health issues and this is something that begins right at birth. They also have a very high mortality rate. Knowing this, always select a puppy that's at the very least, 8 weeks old and one that is not … [Read more...]

Find Out How To Paper Train New Puppy

how to paper train your puppy

You’ve just bought the cutest, little pup! You have brought him home and got him accustomed to his surroundings.Techniques to paper train puppy!But yet, there is one small issue. You have got to keep your pup inside or that big dog next door will rip him apart! Or maybe your home is in an area, for instance a town, house, or condominium where there is absolutely no access to a yard or fenced-in area?Needless to say, your cute puppy dog cannot use the litter box with the kitty!At this moment you are sweating at the idea of urine stains on your gorgeous Persian carpet or a pile of poo on your expensive exotic hardwood floors! You can relax, since there’s a remedy!Housetraining a new puppy dog can be done inside by paper training!Below are a few fundamental tips and … [Read more...]

How to housebreak a puppy

house break your puppy

Lots of dogs are turned into shelters each year because they soil in the house. Owners despair of ever successfully housebreaking their puppies. It doesn’t have to be that way. Housebreaking your puppy can usually be achieved in just a few weeks if you will follow the suggestions laid out here. 1. Put your puppy on a schedule . As soon as you bring your puppy home you should try to put him on a good schedule. This means feeding your puppy his meals at the same time each day. Take your puppy for walks at the same time each day. Even if you have a fenced yard, you should escort your puppy outside at the same times each day. By putting your puppy on a schedule you can set his “internal clock” so he gets used to relieving himself at approximately the same times. 2. Take your puppy out first … [Read more...]

Puppy socialization: The best ways to socialize your puppy

Woman training her puppy

There are lots of dogs today who are fearful, scared of people, afraid when they leave their house, and who lack confidence. In many cases dogs have this kind of timid, frightened personality because they weren’t well-socialized when they were puppies. Puppy socialization can make an enormous difference in the way your dog behaves as an adult. You can build his confidence and help him be much friendlier to people as an adult dog if you take the time to socialize your puppy when he’s young. Here are some ways that you can socialize your puppy. 1. Take your puppy with you when you go places. You can take your puppy with you to many places that welcome friendly dogs and puppies such as pet supply stores and parks. Take treats with you and ask friendly strangers to pet your puppy and give … [Read more...]

Leash training puppies: not as hard as you think

Dog holding a leash in her mouth

Lots of people have dogs who pull them down the street and yank them all over the place when they try to take them for a walk.  How does this happen?  The problem usually starts when the dog is a puppy and he isn’t properly leash trained.  However, leash training puppies isn’t as hard as you might think.  You can leash train your puppy in just a few days and it’s not hard to do.  Here are some suggestions to help you leash train your puppy.1.To get started with leash training, you should first choose a good collar and leash for your puppy.  Your puppy will be growing fast so it’s best not to buy anything too expensive at this stage.  A nice flat buckle nylon collar are fine.  Make sure the collar fits your puppy properly.  You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and … [Read more...]