Bark collars for small dogs

Bark collars for small dogs

Small dogs are often enthusiastic barkers but finding a bark collar to help control their barking isn’t always easy. They can have small, sensitive necks and collars that deliver strong shocks are not advised. Here is some information to help you find the best bark collars for small dogs. Bark Collars for Small Dogs If you are looking for a bark collar for your small dog, you will need to find a collar that fits your small dog’s neck. This narrows down your choices right from the start. There are many more bark collars made for medium and large dogs than for small dogs. Some of the companies and brands of bark collars for small dogs include:PetSafe Ultrasonic Remote Trainer for Dogs and Cats, PUPT-100-19PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Collar Attachment, PUSB-300PetSafe No-Bark … [Read more...]

Dog shock collar reviews

Dog shock collars

Dog shock collars are used for different purposes. They can be used with underground fences to keep dogs from leaving your yard. They can be used as bark collars. Hunters use them as dog training devices to help encourage dogs to obey commands better. And, shock collars can be used in some kinds of obedience training. Reviews The dog shock collar you choose for your dog will depend on why you need the collar. If you need a wireless fence for your dog, the best systems are made by Havahart. They are the Havahart Wireless Radial and the Havahart Wireless Custom. These systems are rechargeable with five correction levels. The Wireless Radial covers 11 acres and the Wireless Custom covers 25 acres.If you are looking for an underground fence then the PetSafe UltraSmart IUC-4100 and the … [Read more...]

What to look for in outdoor dog beds

outdoor dog beds

Many dogs enjoy outdoor dog beds. But what should you look for if you are going to purchase one for your dog? There are lots of different kinds of beds on the market. How can you choose the best bed for your dog? Here is some information to help you make a good choice. Outdoor Dog Beds If you are looking for a good outdoor dog bed for your dog there are some qualities that good beds possess. A good quality outdoor bed will last longer and be more comfortable for your dog. Here are some things to look for:Choose a bed that is water-resistant so it can stand up to rain if it gets wet.Choose a bed that is UV-resistant so the sun won’t make it fade and wear out quickly.Look for a bed that is made of a sturdy, durable fabric so your dog’s muddy paws and hopping up and down … [Read more...]

Dog Training Books: Driving Out the Magnificence in the Beast

Dog Training Books

You know I've happen to be inquired a number of occasions why anybody could ever want dog training books, after all a dog’s a man’s best ally; too popular a saying, heard it a million times, as well as significantly ingrained on the collective unconscious. But just ask yourself, would it even apply to your pet?Now It seems to be a rather cold thing to know but in reality, folks who first acquire a canine need to literally experience an initiation ceremony that’ll give the Illuminati a run for its money; they are introduced to new regulation, hardly ever seen spectacles, long hours of patience tests, and challenges far more advanced than those seen on Takeshi’s Castle, month in and month out.Just too many times canine owners who see their domestic pets in intense swings are likely … [Read more...]

Embroidered dog collars


Lots of dog owners like to show how much they love their dogs by getting them a beautiful embroidered dog collar. You can find embroidered dog collars for sale on the Internet, in pet stores, and in pet supply stores. There are many different kinds of embroidered collars. Here is some more information about them.Embroidering Plain Collars An embroidered collar can refer to a nylon or leather collar that has been embroidered with the dog’s name, identification information such as the owner’s phone number or address, and other important information. These collars can come in lots of different colors and styles and can fit any dog, large or small. They can use different fonts and styles of writing or embroidery. They can even add stars, moons, and other cute designs next to the dog’s … [Read more...]

The burberry dog collar


The luxury fashion brand Burberry was established in Britain in 1856. They are famous for a well-known plaid pattern and their signature trench coat. The company has franchises all over the world. They have Royal Warrants from HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH he Prince of Wales. The Burberry dog collar comes from the company and carries the distinctive Burberry tartan design. It comes in several sizes to fit different sized dogs. The Collar The Burberry dog collar is a classic collar. The front of the collar is covered with the trademark Burberry plaid. It has black webbing in back that is tightly woven and which has proven to be very durable. The collar’s buckle is made of nickel and it has a strong D-ring so the owner can attach the dog identification tags to the collar. You can also … [Read more...]

How to use bark control devices

bark control device

Bark control devices are usually used when someone has a dog with a barking problem.  All dogs bark.  It is a natural behavior for a dog.  However, some dogs bark more than others.  Some dogs bark out of boredom, because of breed proclivities (such as Shelties, PBGVs, and many hound breeds), and some just love to bark.  Or, you may live surrounded by squirrels or bunnies who drive your dog nuts.  But your neighbors probably don’t care why your dog barks.  They just want your dogs to stop barking.  You can try training your dogs not to bark, but that will only work if you are home to tell them to stop.  A good bark control device may be the solution.To use bark control devices you can follow these steps:Step one:  Choose a bark control method.  There are several different bark … [Read more...]

Choosing dog training equipment for you and your dog

dog training equipment

Depending on the kind of training you want to do with your dog, there is all kinds of dog training equipment available. Some training equipment can be used for all-purpose training, such as obedience training, while other equipment is very specialized, such as equipment for hunting or earthdog training. Here’s a brief overview of the different kinds of training and equipment so you’ll have an idea of what you may need. 1. Obedience training. For general obedience training dogs can usually wear a flat buckle nylon collar and a matching leash that is about four to six feet long. This is a serviceable collar and leash and it’s durable. They are good for both puppies and adults. You should make sure the collar fits well. You should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and your … [Read more...]

The best dog training books

dont shoot the dog

Two of the best dog training books today are Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training, by Karen Pryor, and The Culture Clash:  Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs, by Jean Donaldson. Both of these books are several years old but they have had a profound effect on dog training in the last few years. Karen Pryor is considered the mother of positive reinforcement and clicker training which has become the preferred way to train dogs in the last 20 years, largely thanks to Don’t Shoot The Dog!This book is not specifically about dog training. It is about training using clicker training, whether it is training pets, training your kids, or training yourself. It shows you how to use positive reinforcement. It is a classic … [Read more...]

German shepherd kennels: The large breed cedar dog house

cedar dog house

There are a wide range of large dog houses on, varying in cost from around $50 to $700, depending on what you want to pay for a dog house. Most of the dog houses on Amazon are plastic or some version of plastic. However, there are a few dog houses made of wood. One interesting dog house is the Large Breeds White Cedar Dog House made by the Cape May company. These houses come in all different sizes. This review is for the size designed to fit a German Shepherd and other large dogs. Features The dog house is made of Northern White Cedar and weighs 59 pounds. It is insulated with 15 pound felt paper and the manufacturer says that you can add fiberboard insulation if you like. The size of the house is 34 x 46 x 42 and there is a one year warranty. Most dog houses don’t seem to … [Read more...]