How to Train Your Dog to be Independent

Train Your Dog to be Independent

Teaching independence is not something that is glaringly obvious when we adopt a puppy but it is very important. Independence doesn't mean that your dog will be disobedient and do whatever they like, but more that they'll be happy, confident and secure enough to cope well with periods of separation from you. New puppies naturally follow their owners about, they've just left their pack and their new owner is the source of their food, affection and all other lovely things.Some owners see this as adoration, love the fact that their puppy doesn't want to leave their side and do nothing to discourage it. Unfortunately, this can result in problems. Other puppies can be naturally anxious or may have had experiences before leaving their pack that made them cautious or fearful. Pups that become … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Dog Not To Bark

Teach Your Dog Not To Bark

You never thought you would be looking for information on how to teach your dog not to bark, have you? Most people don’t. In the beginning, listening to a puppy barking is like watching a newborn take his first steps or listening to his first words. You have fun watching your puppy barking at your friends with his fragile and funny voice, or scaring the neighbor’s cats.But as your puppy turns into a dog, his voice changes and so do your expectations and priorities. You only realize you need to learn how to teach your dog not to bark after a white night, when you cannot get along with your friends because your dog is demanding attention, or when your neighbors start complaining about it.Luckily for you, training a dog not to bark is not such a big challenge. In fact, it only takes … [Read more...]

How do I stop my dog from barking?

How do I stop my dog from barking

Dog barking is acceptable behavior only when it is minimal and does not happen all of the time. Puppies and dogs are a lot like children in the sense that they like to make noise when they are enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, puppies or dogs that bark excessively can be annoying not only for you, but for your neighbors if it cannot be controlled. If or when you feel that your puppy or dog is borderline excessive with the barking then you need to determine what is causing it, rather than reprimanding the dog without any consideration as to what the issue may be. Understanding your dog and why he or she is barking? Understanding why your puppy or dog is barking is not rocket science; however, you will need to be a little more observant in order to find out what triggers the barking … [Read more...]

How to deal with separation anxiety in dogs

German boxer

Dogs with separation anxiety can be difficult to manage. Separation anxiety can be a challenging time for both you and your pet until it is under control or corrected. Separation anxiety in dogs can be defined as a dramatic change in his or her behavior immediately after being separated from their owner(s). Dogs with separation anxiety will show symptoms such as pacing, whining, excessive barking, intense chewing and digging and in extreme cases urinating, soiling and destroying personal property.Some dogs who suffer from separation anxiety do so because of past traumatic experiences in the dog’s life that may have caused the animal to have a stronger attachment or dependency. In a typical home, a dog may show signs of separation anxiety from sudden changes in his or her environment. … [Read more...]

dog separation anxiety

dog separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is a common problem that many pet owners have. The anxiety that a dog feels can cause them to bark whenever you leave the house. This may not seem like such a drastic problem, but if left unattended, it can escalate into a very real issue. He/she may start to destroy your home or start barking for hours at a time when you leave, if you do not sort the problem out. Where does separation anxiety come from Dogs are pack animals, who feel a very real attachment to their owners and when their masters leave the house they will start to get irritated and agitated. Even though dogs do not have any real reason to get agitated when you leave, they do mainly because they are missing certain actions that you make when you are there.Dogs get anxious when you leave … [Read more...]

Dealing with an aggressive dog What Are Your Options?

Dealing with an aggressive dog

Dealing with an aggressive dog can be a major problem especially if you have children around. If you find your dog is getting aggressive there are a few different options available to you.The first option presented to you would be to just say goodbye to your dog (not necessarily the best option). While most people view their dogs as part of the family and would never want to get rid of them, for some this is the option they choose.If you do decide that you want to get rid of your dog then make sure you find him a safe home. You should never let any dog go especially if they are aggressive. It is true that dogs are from wild animals but we have pretty well breed that out of them so it would be very unsafe for a dog alone out in the wild.A better option would be to get your dog … [Read more...]

How to Prevent dog behavior problems

dog behavior problems

Dogs can be a lot of fun to have around. They make very loyal companions. But what happens if your dog starts annoying everybody and continually acting up? There is possibly nothing worse than a dog that does not behave, whether it won’t stop barking, chews up everything in sight, bites your visitors, or keeps digging up the entire backyard.Such bad dog behavior can be extremely frustrating. And if you don’t know how to effectively correct the problem, then you’ll probably go nuts in a relatively short time.The first way to prevent these problems before they happen is to get a puppy when it is very young. When your small puppy comes to live with you, he – or she – will look to you for guidance and direction.  At this early stage you have the best opportunity to teach and reinforce … [Read more...]

Dog Love: The reason Attachment May Not Necessarily Be Good For one’s Dog

dog separation anxiety

Just like a infant’s cry the bow wows of your dog often have diverse meanings. It is up to the master to grasp the difference of each bark. Barks can demonstrate joy, a cry for doggie snacks, desiring your affection, expectation, warning of impending danger and regrettably for some dogs an tremendous sense of anxiety any time you are planning to leave their company.Like most creatures, dogs are very perceptive which enables them to read a lot of your behavior. Dogs who are suffering from separation anxiety are usually specially perceptive to your regimen if you are planning to depart from the home. Getting dressed in a specific way, closing doors and windows, getting your keys etc are all signals of your impending departure and deliver a sense of gloom on some dogs that suffer from … [Read more...]

Dogs and Separation Anxiety

Dogs Separation Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals. You and your family, and all other pets in your family, are his pack. When everyone leaves for work and school, some dogs get extremely upset and can become destructive or aggravate the neighbors with constant barking and whining. What can cause this behavior and is there anything that can be done about it? My Experience Long ago, I had a dog named Pepper. She was part Australian Sheppard, and was a very sweet dog, although she was also very…ahem….active. I had her for 11 years, and for the first 9, she was an ideal dog. Even as a pup, she never chewed on furniture, shoes, or clothes. Each day, everyone left for work and school, and Pepper caused no problems. After 9 years, she suddenly became very destructive. It started when she got left in the basement one day, … [Read more...]

Dog Aggression – How To Handle Aggressive Dogs

aggressive dog behavior

Every dog has the potential of being an aggressive dog. Many believe that all dogs of a certain breed are naturally aggressive but the truth is the ones believed to be aggressive are the ones that people often train to be mean.Lets take the pit bull breed for example. Pitt Bulls are not overly mean and aggressive by nature. In fact they can be very mild tempered and sweet dogs. The reason for the misconception is that the pit bull is a very common dog for people to train to be mean.While it is true that a dog of a certain breed is not guaranteed to be mean all dogs have a personality of their own. If you find that you have an aggressive dog you need to use caution around them especially if they are around children.So what do you do if you’ve adopted an aggressive dog besides … [Read more...]