Clicker Training

Clicker Dog Training

You'll find countless philosophies regarding in home dog training. It can be confusing to know which method to choose, but one of the secrets to dog training that is frequently used in dog training school is Clicker training. Learn more about this effective, positive behavioral modification technique here! What Is Clicker Training? Famous dog training expert Cesar Milan (aka “The Dog Whisperer”) explains: “Some of the trainers I know and respect use what is called ‘clicker’ training, where they make a ‘click’ sound to acknowledge that the dog has done the behavior desired. And then they give the reward. The dog begins to associate the sound with a treat, and when they do something that gets a ‘click,’ they want to keep doing it over and over again. Think about it as though the clicker is … [Read more...]

Clicker Training For Dogs

Clicker Training For Dogs

Clicker dog training is your best bet to teaching your dog how to obey the simplest of commands. It does not really matter the kind of dog you have. It doesn't take much time to master clicker training. Once you have an operational clicker, you are in a position to teach your dog almost anything. How Clicker Training Works Clicker training works on the principle that your dog can learn to relate a clicker sound ( strong, sharp sound loud enough for the dog to hear from more than 20 yards away) with a particular command. The training aims at exhibiting desired behaviour from the dog and offering a reward for the same with the clicker sound.It goes without saying that you must first teach your dog to identify the clicker as a reward. All you need for this is several treats such as dog … [Read more...]